1. Who is the Antonio's Team? We're an Italian Canadian family of foodies who decided to move from the city to the country to enjoy the quiet town life. 

  2. Why did you decide to open Antonio's Pizzeria? We wanted to bring amazing, delicious, and authentic Italian pizza to the surrounding communities. 

  3. What is special about an Antonio's pizza? Our dough is made fresh daily with certified Italian typo "00" flour and a homemade sauce made from certified Italian San Marzano tomatoes. Every pizza is shaped by hand, and cooked in a wood fired oven.   

  4. Why is online ordering closed?  We only make 24 dough balls a day, so our supply is limited. We close online ordering once we're sold out of pizzas. 

  5. Why should we pre-order our pizza? By placing your order in advance, it will guarantee it is received, and provide a better chance it will be delivered on time. We process our orders in the order that they're received. Should we received a large pizza order and/or an influx of orders for the same delivery time, you can experience up to a 60 minute delay. 

  6. Why are you only open during the weekend? The main reason we're only open during select business hours is because this is a new business venture for us. During the average work week, we have full time jobs and/or we're full time students. 

  7. What size is your pizza? Our pizzas are about 12". Each pizza is made by hand, so no two pizzas shapes are identical. 

  8. How many people can 1 pizza serve? Tricky question - It depends how hungry you are I guess ;) ! I've eaten an entire pizza to myself, and I've lived to regret it the next day. I've also been satisfied with a 1/4 piece (I cut them into 4 pieces). So can this pizza serve 2 adults? Absolutely! Can it serve 3? Sure! Can you eat a whole thing to your face? Probably... but Oof! LOL! 

  9. Is it possible to get an Antonio's pizza outside of regular business hours? Yes, absolutely! We now have freshly frozen pizzas available to purchase. 

  10. Do you have gluten-free and/or dairy free options? We're a young company and still growing, at the moment we don't have any gluten and/or dairy free options. However, one of our suppliers is providing us samples that we look forward to testing. Currently, our regular dough is freshly made with typo "00" flour, and our prep area and cooking tools come in regular contact with this, and semolina flour. We cannot be classified as a gluten-free facility. Gluten-free options will be soon be available as frozen-only pizzas. 

Important Notice: New Hours effective December 2022- We will be open on Fridays Only from 5:00pm-7:30pm, we will be closed on Saturdays to focus on expanding our frozen pizza business.
Thank you in advance for your understanding!

Local Delivery Only - Linden, AB

Frozen Pizzas are now available for purchase at the following locations: 
The Farm Basket - Three Hills, The Farm Table - Carstairs, The Local Yokel, Cochrane

 Pickup location (Outside Linden Liquor Store - On opposite side of the street)